Mana Gamer Energy Shots

HYYAEEAH! Break every pot and vase around and you just might find one of these mana energy shots! They are tiny but potent gamer fuel.

Tiny Watermelon Seeds

Feel like a giant by growing the tiniest watermelons you've ever seen and eating them in one bite!

Bacon Flavored Candy Canes

Spread the holiday tidings with meat flavored candy. The ultimate gag gift for your secret santa, or to hang on a tree. Or just because y...

Birthday Cake Soda

"Let them drink cake!" And they damn well did - and it was delicious.

Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Jerky

One of our only non-weird items. It's just flat out tasty meat.

Mac and Cheese Candy Canes

Peppermint is boring why not taste the cheesy goodness this holiday season!

TeriYAKi Yak Jerky

There isn't anything witty to say here. This is dried meat from a yak, with a pun it its name. Isn't that enough for you?

Doritos Lightly Salted

You guys just reinvented nachos by taking the good part out of Doritos...

Corn Soda

After a hard day on the farm, nothing is nicer than a good ol' glass of fresh corn...