Mana Gamer Energy Shots

HYYAEEAH! Break every pot and vase around and you just might find one of these mana energy shots! They are tiny but potent gamer fuel.

Bacon Flavored Coffee

Waking up is hard. You've got to make coffee, make bacon, and some how not put them in the same mug. Someone f*cked that up and so now yo...

Alcoholic Bratwursts

Just when you thought gastro-brew pubs couldn't get anymore hipster, someone created meat you can get drunk on - and it's freakin' delici...

DIY Hot Sauce Kit

Become the sauce boss with a DIY hot sauce kit - start your own business or just burn off your friends tongue with the hottest damn sauce...

Tiny Watermelon Seeds

Feel like a giant by growing the tiniest watermelons you've ever seen and eating them in one bite!

Death Wish Coffee

The worlds strongest coffee, sure to keep you awake and grow hair on your chest. Oh and it's fair trade, USDA certified organic so it kee...

Giant 10lb Toblerone Bar

The perfect gift for making fun of your short friend and pretending their a dwarf. (Dwarf beard not included).

CBD Hemp Gummy Bears

Even though they are different colors, all these bears are super green! 20mg per gummy bear!

2LB of Starburst Single Flavor

Forget digging through an endless abyss of flavors, get 2 pound of your fav starburst flavor (red or orange obviously) and find nirvana. ...